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800-00537-38 - Land in America For Sale By Owner 1 of 2 vacant plot of building land,near lake and golf-Owner Financing

1510 HUCKLEBERRY Ln., Horseshoe Bend, 72512, AR, TRACT B


8-00537-38-located within the city limits of the idyllic small town of Horseshoe Bend Arkansas in the beautiful Ozark Mountains. 1 of 2 building plots located in the district Tract B Addition and near the lake Diamond and golf course. Owner Financing: $100 down-payment, monthly payments of $100, 0% interests, NO credit check.

 PRICE: $1,500.00 each lot

make down-payment or reservation

ADDRESS:1510 HUCKLEBERRY LN TRACT B 0.2739 acres-1108m2
1512 HUCKLEBERRY LN TRACT B 0.2392 acres-968m2

Tract B Addition
CITY: Horseshoe Bend
STATE: Arkansas.

LEGAL: Parcel#800-00537-000, 800-00538-000

YEARLY PROPERTY TAX: $19.50 per lot NO HOA fees

ZONING: family house, prefab house, log cabin, maximum of 2 floors.

Mobile Home allowed

Roads & Utilities Notes: This area has utilities and improved roads. 

There is no maintenance required on the property.

The lot can stay in its natural state until you decide to build or sell.

Want a property you can build your own home or cabin on - or put a Mobile Home on that lot?
A place you call home, which you can pass down to your kids?

For $100.00 down, you can get this gorgeous property, loaded with conifers and deciduous trees.

Surrounded by dirt roads, and few neighbours, you'll feel at peace away from pavement, sirens, and street lights in the urban jungle out there in the city.

Just 2 minutes away from North Lake, and Ben's Creek, you and your loved ones can get away to go for a swim, canoe, kayak, tube, and more.

*If you're Hiker? Traveller? There are lots of beautiful towns and cities to visit. As well as hikes to check out around Horseshoe Bend, within just a short 30 to 60-minute drive.

*You want to see Horseshoe Bend on Horse-back? Have fun with the kids? Go on a romantic date? You can hop on a horse and enjoy views in Arkansas at Summits Valley Shire and Sport Horses.

*Retiring? Horseshoe Bend not only has fantastic sun and warm weather for most of the year but a slow-paced way of life, where relaxation by the lake is the norm. In fact, the average age here is 48.9 (according to So, there are plenty of folks age 50 and above to make friends with and enjoy the company of, in your later years.

Plus, if you need gas, supplies, food, etc. you can just take a 9-10 minutes drive around town to get what you need.

PAYMENTS: bank transfer to our account with Wells Fargo Bank USA, PayPal and debit/credit card payments. multiple crypto currenciescoinbase commerce

Non-residents are able to buy land in the USA without restrictions. Travel to the USA is not required. Warranty Deed is notarized by a U.S. Notary Public.

Owner Financing available upon request:

$100.00, down payment and   monthly payments of $100.00,
0% interest, NO credit check.

No credit or bad credit?

No problem, we don't pull your credit!

Since we are owner financing this property, follow these simple steps

1. - send your name (company name) address and email

2.- We send you a PayPal invoice

3.- You make your down payment

4. - we send you an electronic land contract

5.- you sign the electronic land contract

6.- start enjoying your property

We can't make it any simpler!

Do you have questions? No problem, please feel free to contact us by email

North lake


Information about this Land


Purchase & Payment Information

Bill of Assurance Tract B Addition

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Additionally, any or all photographs or other representations are for information purposes only and May Not or Do NOT factually represent the current day; due to date differences, vegetation growth and so forth.

The plots of land offered are our property. All information's are from reliable sources, such as municipal, tax office, land registry office, etc., and our own research. Errors, omissions, and prior sale are expressly reserved. The buyer is responsible for performing his/her own due diligence.



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