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8-06735 - Copy: Land in America For Sale By Owner vacant building plots 0.34 acres-1401m2 -near lake and golf-Owner Financing

207 N MAPLE CIR, Horseshoe Bend, 72512, AR Vendido


07736 building plot located within the city limits of the idyllic small town of Horseshoe Bend Arkansas in the beautiful Ozark Mountains. Owner Financing: 0% Interest-No Credit check
"Buy Land, they're not making it anymore" - Mark Twain"

Become The Proud Owner of a Piece of America

4 adjacent vacant building plots +/- 1.14 acres-4652m2

located within the city limits of the idyllic small town of Horseshoe Bend Arkansas in the beautiful Ozark Mountains. The property is buildable and is located in the district Pine Ridge Addition
2 minutes Diamond lake
7 minutes to the town center
8 minutes to the golf course.

Owner Financing: 0% Interest-No Credit check.

Property Address:   1507 MILLER LN, Lot 72

Addition: Pine Ridge Addition, Horseshoe Bend Arkansas.

ZONING: prefab house, log cabin, 1 Family house

Roads & Utilities: Road front; This area has utilities.

Sewer: There is no sewer so a septic system would be needed.

Maintenance: There is no maintenance required on the property.
NO TIME LIMIT TO BUILD:-There is NO time limit to build. You may leave the lot(s) that you purchase in their natural state until you are ready to build. You can re-sell your land anytime.

WARRANTY DEED-When you buy land from us you get a Full Warranty Deed, meaning you will be the owner of this plot for 100%.


PRICE: $3,999.00

Owner Financing available upon request:

$199.00, down payment and monthly payments of $200.00,
0% interest, NO credit check.

No credit or bad credit?

No problem, we don't pull your credit!

Since we are owner financing this property, follow these simple steps

1. - send your name (company name) address and email

2.- We send you a PayPal invoice

3.- You make your down payment

4. - we send you an electronic land contract

5.- you sign the electronic land contract

6.- start enjoying your property

We can't make it any simpler!

Do you have questions? No problem, please feel free to contact us per email

PAYMENTS: debit-credit/cards bank wire.authorize net


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Non-residents can buy land in the USA without restrictions. Travel to the USA not required. Warranty Deed is notarized by a U.S. Notary Public. The deed will be registered in your name with the local County Land Registrar (County Clerk). Ownership of the land is indefinite, without expiration. As the registered owner of the record, you are entitled to re-sell your land at any time..

North lake

"Ninety percent of all millionaires become so through owning real estate. More money has been made in real estate than in all industrial investments combined. The wise young man or wage earner of today invests his money in real estate." - Andrew Carnegie

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